Project Name: Equipment Transport System
Description: We designed this transport system to transport equipment along a steel cable over a large distance.

Project Name: Product Logic Board
Description: Dual processor, Wifi, BLE, RFID, Power management all on one board. Because it’s a RF device, FCC certification is part of the design.

Project Name: Soccer Practice Ball
Description: We designed all the major parts of this product

Project Name: Sensor Package Design
Description: This is a small environmental sensor package. It takes readings on temperature, TDS, movement, light and has an integrated GPS.

Project Name: Glass reinforced, 3D printed bracket
Description: This bracket was printed with our SLA printer using a glass reinforced resin.

Project Name: Soccer shin guard
Description: A soccer shin guard designed for a client. They needed a specific shape and the company logo to convey. This is SLA 3D printed in a polypropylene analog and in production, injection molded in a similar material.

Project Name: Wireless (WiFi) Device Controller Card

Project Name: Retail Blister Pack
Description: We designed a retail packaging (blister pack) for a client.

Project Name: Consumer Electronics Controller
Description: These are controller cards for a consumer electronics product. We designed the electronics, PCB, firmware and the plastic enclosure.

Project Name: Molding Test Piece
Description: This is a test mold for a silicone piece. Silicone is injected into the mold and then cured in the heat chamber.

Project Name: Prototype Medical Box
Description: This is a prototype of an internet connected First Aid Kit. We designed all the electronics, firmware, and developed the cloud software.

Project Name: Circuit boards
Description: Circuit boards from a medical device we designed.

Project Name: Machine Parts
Description: Parts for a fiber winding mechanism.

Project Name: Bearing Assembly
Description: This bearing assembly is 3D printed. The chase is printed in a polypropylene resin to be minimal friction.