Project Name: Product Test Jig
Description: Test jig for the factory floor. This jig used to flash, test, serialize the product’s PCBA. Test reports are emailed back to the company and serial number stickers automatically printed.

Project Name: Scout Hidden Camera Finder
Description: We designed this product including electronics, firmware, plastics.

Project Name: Terraoak Power Generation Stove
Description: We designed this product including electronics and mechanical design and built prototypes.

Project Name: Equipment Transport System
Description: We designed this transport system to transport equipment along a steel cable over a large distance.

Project Name: Product Logic Board
Description: Dual processor, Wifi, BLE, RFID, Power management all on one board. Because it’s a RF device, FCC certification is part of the design.

Project Name: Soccer Practice Ball
Description: We designed all the major parts of this product

Project Name: Sensor Package Design
Description: This is a small environmental sensor package. It takes readings on temperature, TDS, movement, light and has an integrated GPS.

Project Name: Glass reinforced, 3D printed bracket
Description: This bracket was printed with our SLA printer using a glass reinforced resin.

Project Name: Soccer shin guard
Description: A soccer shin guard designed for a client. They needed a specific shape and the company logo to convey. This is SLA 3D printed in a polypropylene analog and in production, injection molded in a similar material.

Project Name: Wireless (WiFi) Device Controller Card

Project Name: Retail Blister Pack
Description: We designed a retail packaging (blister pack) for a client.

Project Name: Consumer Electronics Controller
Description: These are controller cards for a consumer electronics product. We designed the electronics, PCB, firmware and the plastic enclosure.

Project Name: Molding Test Piece
Description: This is a test mold for a silicone piece. Silicone is injected into the mold and then cured in the heat chamber.

Project Name: Prototype Medical Box
Description: This is a prototype of an internet connected First Aid Kit. We designed all the electronics, firmware, and developed the cloud software.

Project Name: Circuit boards
Description: Circuit boards from a medical device we designed.

Project Name: Machine Parts
Description: Parts for a fiber winding mechanism.

Project Name: Bearing Assembly
Description: This bearing assembly is 3D printed. The chase is printed in a polypropylene resin to be minimal friction.